Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holy Hail!

Last week during the crazy storms, we had some serious hail. We both have some pretty good dents on our cars. Kind of a bummer, but we're counting our blessings. We looked at the google earth images of Joplin MO the other night and I couldn't believe how much damage that storm did. Our prayers to the people of Joplin and to the Jones family (Jake and Matt Jones are friends of Jesse's from BYU - their family is in Joplin). 
That's pretty big hail!
On a lighter note, JESSE GOT A BUZZ! A hair cut, that is. And I got to do it! There's something so satisfying about cutting all of someone's hair off. Jesse spends the entire day at the library these days studying for the first board exam and has no professors or preceptors to impress, so why not? Plus it's getting hot here! And if Brad can do it, so can Jesse! Who wore it better? We'll leave that up to our followers...all four of you:) My vote is for Jesse, of course.

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  1. haha.. i love it!!! cj is into the buzz ever since we got married.. he does it him self.... that hail is HUGE!!!!