Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME

This has been a fun week for Jesse and me. Last Monday was my birthday! I'm pretty lucky because it fell on Memorial Day, the only holiday I've had off since Christmas. Jesse still needed to study, so I went to yoga in the morning. It was a 90-minute hot yoga class and I hated it. I'll be sticking to air-conditioned yoga. Later that day we went shopping at North Park Mall, one my favorite activities. I got a new pair of shorts and a top from Anthro with some birthday money. Keri also sent me these adorable Anthro earrings! I've already worn them 3 times :)

For dinner we went to Grimaldi's, which is the delicious pizza chain that's well-known in New York. I didn't even know there were other locations, but there are! It's the real deal. Pizza is one of my top 5 favorite foods. Yum. 
Jesse also made me a birthday cake (with very little instruction on the frosting :) and made an "A" with the candles.
This week was also my last week of rotations for my internship and my 4th week at the VA. I'm SO happy that I don't have to drive to the VA any longer. The VA stinks and south Dallas is GHETTO. And there are lots of ugly, stray dogs (not in the hospital of course, just on the way). One of them ran straight from the sidewalk into my car! I swerved to try not to hit it, but I did. I don't think it was hurt though, because as I was contemplating getting out of my car to see if it was hurt, I looked out my rear-view mirror and the dumb thing was running down the DART tracks across the street. I felt better that I didn't seriously hurt it. Stupid dog. Anyway, now I only have 3 WEEKS left of my internship and I'm staffing in Cardiology and the NICU at Presby Dallas. A 7-minute drive and free lunch will be so nice for the next 3 weeks.

Another highlight of my week was seeing Troy Aikman on the Katy Trail (a running/biking trail in Dallas). We (Troy and I) were running in opposite directions and as he passed I kept staring until my head had almost turned 180 degrees. Then I almost ran into this couple walking since I wasn't watching where I was going. So I stopped and said, "Sorry, but that's Troy Aikman, running. Troy Aikman, he's running!" They looked at me like I was really weird. Oh well.

Finally, today is mine and Jesse's 1-year Anniversary. To celebrate, I tried to re-create a delicious, creamy risotto that we had at a little Italian restaurant on Coronado Island on our honeymoon. We didn't know what risotto was and we tried to ask the waiter, (who didn't speak English very well) but he just kept saying, "It's a creamy risotto" in a thick, Italian accent. It was  really good, and I didn't do it justice today, but I'll keep practicing. I'm bound to have it down by the 10th or 15th Anniversary!

Yay for a fun week!

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