Friday, September 23, 2011

Stop Hatin'

Saw this car in the Tom Thumb parking lot yesterday. I was nervous the owner of the car was going to see me, so I had to take the picture as fast as I could so I'm sorry if you can't read it. In case you can't, this is what it reads:
(Calvin is peeing on "Haters" on both sides)
I love this so much. SO funny.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What is my life?

You might be asking yourself, "what does Amber do all day without a job?" The answer is: nobody knows. Not even me. But this is what I think I do:
1. Job Hunt - I love writing hundreds of Cover Letters and filling out online applications for various RD jobs that I'm usually unqualified for.
2. Spend money - isn't it ironic? Yes, but it makes sense. While I lack a paycheck, I have plenty of time. This time often leads to checking Groupon regularly and stalking designer sales online. Can you spell "GILT?" Also, I have to plan "errands" during my day to feel productive. Sometimes that errand is Pottery Barn. Oh well.
3. Cub Scouts - I recently planned the calendar until the end of the year, which was no easy task since our Pack is made up of three boys that are all supposed to be in different dens and therefore have different requirements to do. Last night we tried to have Cub Scouts early (6:30 PM instead of 7) because we wanted to take a hike before dark. By the time we corralled two of our boys, it was already almost dark (7:30), but we took a 15 minute walk around White Rock lake anyway. I had purchased ingredients for a yummy soup for Jesse and I to eat for dinner afterwards, which we didn't have time to make since we got done dropping the boys off at 8:30, so we went to Chic-fil-A instead. In our uniforms. No big deal. We would have gone to In-n-Out, but we've already been once this week. Don't judge - cooking is not on this list.
4. Babysit - Jesse and I babysit a lot right now for extra money since I don't have a job and he only adds debt to our net worth. Sometimes we get bored/crazy after we put babies to bed at 7:30 and then have to stay put while our friends party into the night. One night while we were babysitting and stir crazy, we wondered what Jesse would look like if he grew his hair out. The result was a better looking version of J. Biebs - we call it "J. 'Baugh".
5. Long walks - my knees hate running recently, so I often take walks to the library or around the Village Lakes a few times, or I go to the Katy Trail. Tens of people (who are often much older or heftier than me) pass me while they jog. Am I pathetic? Maybe. Is it better than sitting on my couch? Yes.
6. Read - just finished These is my Words by Nancy Turner. Great book. Loved it. Starting Born to Run. Already love it.
7. Become obsessed with stupid TV shows - right now my favorites are Top Chef: Just Desserts and Project Runway. I was somewhat excited for Biggest Loser to start again, but the first episode was pretty disappointing. Without Jillian, there's only the obese people to make fun of, and that's just mean.

That's an idea of my life right now. I need a job, I know, I know.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This morning I woke up feeling a little discouraged. I still haven't found a job. I've only had a couple of interviews and no offers. I'm waiting to hear from a hospital I interviewed at last week, but that's my last chance. I keep applying for positions, but my application seems to be automatically rejected sometimes because I don't have my Texas State Dietitian License yet. "Why don't you just get your dietitian license then?" you might ask. I only wish it were that simple. Last month after I passed the RD (Registered Dietitian) exam, I sent in my licensure application and fee, and took the Texas Jurisprudence exam (which was an additional fee), and ordered my official transcripts online from Weber State and BYU. A couple hundred dollars and two weeks later, I called on the status of my application. Some guy told me it would be processed by mid-September. I asked if everything had been received. He said, "yes." I said, "okay, bye."

Yesterday (another two weeks later) I called twice. Never got through.

This morning I called. On the third time I got through. A woman told me that my application had been received, but my transcripts had not been. I told her I was previously told they were. She put me on hold. Four minutes later she said that she checked every place they would be but they were not there. So I called BYU and Weber State to see if they never got sent. Both universities had sent them weeks ago. So I called back and told the woman I was sending more transcripts and asked if she could contact me when the transcripts arrived. She said no and that it takes at least ten days so I should call back then.

I called BYU and they sent another transcript (for free - thanks, BYU), but I had to send in another request form to Weber. So I printed the form, filled it out, and headed to FedEx Office to fax it. As I'm sending the fax at the fax counter without assistance from any FedEx employees, a male customer at the same counter asks the employee, "Has Shorty been helped?" I said, "I may be short, but I can work a fax machine, thank you." The employee told him, "Stop meddlin' in dat girl's bidness." Das right. Then he asked, "Is you a student at SMU?" I told him that I was no longer a student and was looking for a job as a dietitian. He then informed me that it would be a good idea to look at around at the hospitals, because they have lots of dietitians. REALLY? I wasn't aware. I said thanks and thought, "he may be dumb, but he's trying to be nice and helpful, even if he does say the 's word' every other word." (e.g. them hospitals have lots of dietitians, shoot. but not shoot. you get it). So I said, "I will, thanks." Then he said, "Or you know, you should look into the athletic department at SMU." I thanked him again for the idea and asked him if he went to SMU. He said, "$#!^ no, I'm an aggie. Dat jun-ya high's a piece of s..." Strange. But whatever, I think he's trying to be nice. Then he asked where I went to school and I told him Brigham Young University. He responded, "You just need to start havin' babies if you tryin' to catch up to Brennem Young, s...." Luckily my fax had finished so I smiled and walked away, understanding why SO MANY people have one of those gaudy gold A&M rings: if A&M will graduate that guy (with a very limited and often unintelligible vocabulary), they'll graduate anyone.

It's been one of those days where you just want to ask "Really?" to every person you see or talk to, and it's only noon.  I'm having ice cream for lunch. Really.