Sunday, May 15, 2011


On Mother's Day weekend, Jesse and I drove to HOUSTON!!! We left Friday afternoon. The first 30 minutes of the trip were excellent...and then the plastic skid plate just under the front bumper of our car partially fell off and started dragging on the road. Luckily, the nearest gas station was only a couple of miles away. We bought some duct tape. The car was dirty. It didn't really stick. We stopped twenty-something miles later. Tried the tape again. But the car was still dirty. It still didn't stick. So an hour after we pulled onto the freeway, we were barely outside of the Dallas Metroplex. 
I should have taken a picture, but I didn't think Jesse would appreciate it. 

Anyway, we got to Houston and headed to Hayley & Jeff's wedding open house. We'd eaten breakfast, nibs, a Dairy Queen dipped cone, and chocolate-covered raisins. At the open house, there were more desserts, including red velvet cake balls, cheese cake, and peanut butter m&m's...yum. The open house was from 7 to 10, and as "kin" (commonly used term in Texas for "as close as family because we grew up in a tiny, rural town together") to the Mattsons, we stayed almost the entire time. 
I took pictures...with Cynthia's camera. Don't have them, sorry.

Anyway, Jesse was already annoyed about the car falling apart, and then I starved him all night. Poor guy needed some real food. At 10:30 PM we pulled into a little pizza place called Luigi's. We each ordered a slice, but then they said it was easier for them to just make a medium for us to share. We finished it in 10 minutes. 
I would have taken a picture, but I was too busy eating 4 slices of pizza. 

On SATURDAY, Jesse and I hung out with Rand and Cynthia. We shopped at a fancy mall (I got navy Sperry's!:), got BBQ for lunch, and then went to an international festival in downtown Houston. That night we met up with Hayley and Jeff and we all went to a ballet showcase at an outdoor theater with free grass seating. 

International Festival - lots of greasy food and sweaty people,  including us
Grass seats at the outdoor theater - Jesse is SO happy to be at the ballet

Not the best BBQ in Texas, but I guess it beats a meal of licorice and chocolate.
Jesse took the car to a tire shop and they took the skip plate off, so our ride home wasn't nearly as annoying as the ride down. Plus, we stopped for BBQ!

I love new shoes, nice weather, BBQ, Houston, the Mattsons and the Rosenbaughs, ballets, duct tape, picnics, people-watching, road trips with Jesse, and FUN WEEKENDS!!!!

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  1. Great post Amberlina. Hiya should to them on a regular basis... do it for the kids. Haha