Monday, October 10, 2011

First day of EMPLOYMENT!

I am finally employed! I work for a company called Vanguard who contracts out employees to my case, Methodist Richardson Hospital. Methodist Richardson is only a 15 minute drive north. And it's a reverse commute - bonus.
Today was orientation. When the president of the hospital came in to talk about missions and visions and values and whatever and introduce himself and his background, he said that he worked in Utah. After he was done presenting and welcomed questions, I asked him where he worked in Utah. He worked at Davis Hospital in Layton and when I told him I grew up in Roy, he said, "Shut up. My in-laws are from Roy." The president of the hospital married a woman who graduated from Roy High School in 1985. She's a little younger than my parents, so they don't recognize her. But the CEO explained that if you drive up the main street in Roy and turn left at the light once you get to the airport, you'll find his in-law's house. We talked about Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, Burger Bar, and BYU vs. Utah all in front of everyone else at orientation. It was pretty funny. He was more excited about it than I was, I think.
When orientation was over at 2, I met my supervisor in the diet office. She knew before I got there that I went to the same high school as the wife of the president of the hospital, and as we walked around campus and she introduced me to everyone else, some of them knew as well. Such a small world, and an even smaller hospital.
Perhaps going to Roy High School did more for my career than I ever thought it would...automatic in with the CEO? I'll take it.
R, R, R, O Y, A, A, A, L, S. R O Y, A L S....ROOOYYY-ALS!

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  1. Haha!!! Love that story!, I would be sweating bullets