Monday, August 30, 2010


After a year of dating long-distance, we got married!!! Yahooo......

Here are some wedding pics. I was SOOOO excited to see the little padded envelope in our mailbox from the photographer. The DVD is here...
At the temple...

The ring ceremony

The cake was DELICIOUS. 

Jesse with his dad and brothers.

Shout out to my BYU dietetics peeps.

Aren't my grandparents beautiful?

John and Ella dancing...

Our first dance

Father-daughter/mother-son dance

We are happy :)

Get it, Erica

Tossing the bouquet!

Me and my bridesmaids with our drink of choice :)

Leaving the party.

I love weddings. We think ours was better than Chelsea's.


  1. o my... love this!!! welcome to the blogging world!! i am your number one stalker!!

  2. I love it!! Also, I love that pic of you and Jesse on the stairs in front of the temple doors. GORGEOUS!!

  3. I totally was going to say LOVE THIS! ...but then I noticed how unoriginal I would be. So I will say that I adore all of these pictures and your marriage and the fact that I too, can now stalk you with Keri. Consider me your number two.